*At the discretion of The Speaker Port. Limited to Joliet, Romeoville, Plainfield, Crest Hill, Shorewood, Naperville and Bolingbrook.

**No charge for service work exceeding $250  

On-site Services*

  • General Consultations
  • Diagnostics/Repair estimates
  • Equipment pick/drop off**


Service and Warranty Documentation

Below are links to our Customer Service Agreement and Warranty Information.  All Customers who wish to purchase and item or have one services should read these prior to making a purchase or requesting service as they contain important information.  

General Service Pricing

  • Repair Estimate (Bench time) - $50 (Applies to actual repair cost)
  • General Labor Rate - $50/hr

At The Speaker Port, we specialize in just about everything when it comes to music reproduction. It does not matter if it is vintage, or the latest computer controller systems; home, auto or professional audio...we got you covered. Below are just some of the things we are able to help you out with.  If there is something you are looking to have done and don't see it on the list, or would like to learn more about something you do see below,  please contact us and let's talk it over.  For detailed information on our Service Agreement and Warranty, please see the links at the bottom.

Tape Decks/CD Players/Turntables

  • General electronic repair
  • Belt/motor repair/replacement
  • Stylus/Cartridge repair/replacement
  • Optical pickup cleaning/repair
  • Partial/Full cleaning and/or restoration
  • Physical cabinet repair/fabrication

Be Green....and Get Paid!!


Have an item that does not work, is damaged, blown or just taking up space and want it out of your way?  We will come to you and remove at no charge. We partner with local Recycling companies to ensure that this stuff does not end up in some landfill and can be repurposed properly.

If you have an item of value (working or not) and it is something we can use here at The Speaker Port, we will actually pay you for it. So why not turn the stuff you are not using anyway into some cool green!! 

Use the contact form to send us a note.  Let us know what you got and we will let you know if we can buy it off you or if we can just recycle it.

Speaker Components/Cabinets

  • Re-coning/diaphragm replacement 
  • Surround replacement (re-foaming)
  • Custom rebuilds
  • Magnet/pole piece re-centering
  • Grill cloth replacements
  • Crossover Repair/restoration
  • Cabinet cleaning/repair/resurfacing
  • Dampening/port replacement
  • Component upgrades/modifications
  • Custom cabinet/grill fabrication
  • Home/Auto/Professional application


  • General repair
  • "Re-capping"
  • Power Supply Upgrades/modifications
  • Partial/Full cleaning and/or restoration
  • Physical enclosure repair/refinishing
  • Op-Amp upgrades/swaps
  • LED Conversions